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Why does my Lawyer want me to see a Chiropractor?

on Dec 26, 2018 12:01:19 PM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 0 Comments | personal injury
Three Reasons Your Lawyer Wants You to See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident When you are involved in a car accident that was not your fault, you might just do a quick check to see if you're okay, or you might tell yourself you don't have time to seek medical attention. Or perhaps you decide you need an attorney to help with your car accident claim, and you come to find out that your attorney wants you to see a chiropractor. You will probably be wondering, why would my lawyer want me to see a Chiropractor after a Car Accident? There are a few reasons why your experienced Car Accident Lawyer may suggest you seek chiropractic care after being involved in a motor vehicle accident that was not your fault. Let's take a look at the top three reasons! Article Table of Contents: Hidden Injuries Strengthen your Claim Avoid Long Term Pain and Suffering
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Chiropractic Care And The Musculoskeletal system

With the rise of the internet and Google, the answer to any question is at our fingertips. With services like Amazon Alexa, we don't even have to type anymore. We ask a question into thin air, and a machine gives us an answer. We have more information at our fingertips than every other generation had before us combined. We carry around the entire collection of the worlds knowledge in our pockets. Even with all this knowledge, there still seems to be confusion about chiropractic care. Some people don't think it's legit. Like it's just another new age alternative medicine that doesn't work. Other people believe in it but aren't sure exactly what it is. They think it's just getting your back popped. It is that in a sense, but it's so much more. Let's take a look at what chiropractic care is, and what it takes care of, the musculoskeletal system . Article Table of Contents: What is the musculoskeletal system? Common musculoskeletal disorders What's a Chiropractor? How does a chiropractor manipulate your musculoskeletal system? Chiropractors and the musculoskeletal system
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How Long After A Car Accident Do I Have To See A Chiropractor?

on Nov 26, 2018 10:03:52 AM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 5 Comments | car accident
If you have ever been in a Car Accident then you probably know that they can be traumatizing, causing feelings of physical and emotional distress. Often times, soon after an accident occurs those involved will feel high on adrenaline, which can make it very easy to ignore symptoms of pain and injury. As a result, many people tend to leave an accident scene thinking they are fine, and maybe they even say as much to the responding officer. Some people even wait several days before they realize they are in pain and need help. Article Table of Contents: The Importance of Seeing a Chiropractor after a Car Accident How a Chiropractor can Help Car Accident Victims Chiropractic Care for Car Accident Victims at Florida Spine and Injury
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What Should I Bring To My First Chiropractic Appointment?

on Nov 13, 2018 9:39:44 AM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 1 Comment |
Were you injured in a Car Accident? Are you suffering from Back or Neck Pain? If you are suffering from an injury or pain condition you may have made the decision to visit a chiropractor for treatment and pain relief. Chiropractors specialize in treating accident victims and those who are suffering from back or neck injuries. Chiropractic care is an all natural form of healing. By realigning the spine and putting it back into its normal position, chiropractors are able to promote healing without the need for invasive surgery or addictive pain medications.
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Who Pays for Medical Treatment After a Car Accident?

on Oct 29, 2018 1:54:57 PM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 0 Comments | car accident
Medical Treatment after a Car Accident If you were involved in a Car Accident in Florida, even if your accident was relatively minor, it is still a good idea to be seen by a medical professional to make sure that you have not suffered any injuries that could become more serious. There are many different injures from car accidents. It is not uncommon for serious injuries to take hours or even a few days to present symptoms so the sooner you are seen by a medical expert the sooner you can begin your treatment and recovery. Some people are not fully aware of how serious their injuries may be so it's always best to be properly diagnosed. Some people's main concern after being involved in a Car Accident is how their medical bills are going to be covered?
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Your Comprehensive Guide To Chiropractic Care - Diagnosis to Treatment

on Oct 25, 2018 12:10:08 PM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 0 Comments | chiropractic care
What You Need to Know About Chiropractic Care If Chiropractic Care is something unfamiliar to you, the idea of getting an "adjustment" or hearing the phrase "spinal decompression" is probably a little intimidating. Most of the time, intimidation factors in from not knowing exactly what something is. Well, look no further: here is your comprehensive guide introducing the world of chiropractic care. Article Table of Contents: What is Chiropractic Care? Types of Chiropractic Adjustments and Treatments What Can Chiropractic Care Help With? What to expect on my first visit to a Chiropractor?
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Can Chiropractors Help With Nerve Pain?

on Oct 15, 2018 12:23:37 PM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 0 Comments |
Chiropractic Care and Nerve Pain If you have ever suffered from Nerve Pain, you understand how miserable it can be. And you're not alone. Over 20 million people in the United States deal with some type of peripheral nerve pain. Your nervous system is involved in just about everything you do, so it is no surprise how painful nerve pain (also called neuropathic pain) can be. It can also be quite chronic. This means that there can be a wide range of symptoms to look for. Why is this the case? Article Table of Contents: The Types of Nerves Autonomic Nerves Motor Nerves Sensory Nerves Causes of Nerve Pain What is Chiropractic Care? Chiropractic Treatment for Neuropathy
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6 Chiropractor Approved Ab Exercises That Are Safe For Your Lower Back

on Oct 11, 2018 2:37:56 PM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 3 Comments | back pain
Working Your Abs While Resting Your Back As summer is dwindling and the Fall months approach and all those wonderful holidays, it is easier to let yourself go a little. Hey, we've all been there. Unfortunately, you get to the other side of those holidays and have a little extra padding in the stomach area. So what is the most common exercise for the abs? Basic sit-ups, right? Have you ever sat up after your crunches and you feel more pain in your back than your stomach? That can be frustrating and likely to deter you from trying to exercise your abdominals again. So what can you do about? Thankfully, we have some effective and chiropractic-approved ab exercises that are safe and will not hurt your back. Article Table of Contents: What is Chiropractic Care? Do chiropractors heal patients? Breaking Down Back Pain Why Chiropractic Consultation is Essential Before Engaging in Ab Exercises 6 Ab Exercises That Are Safe For The Lower Back Front Plank Stir the Pot Stomach Vacuum Exercise Core Abdominals Towel Crunches That Protect The Lower Back Swiss Ball Crunches
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5 Facts About Back Pain That You Should Know About

on Oct 8, 2018 3:36:05 PM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 1 Comment | back pain
Back Pain Facts The back is a complex structure of joints, ligaments, bones, and muscles. Unfortunately, it is all to common to sprain ligaments, irritate joints, strain muscles, and rupture discs, all of which will lead to back pain. While accidents, work injuries, or sports injuries can cause back pain, sometimes simple movements like picking up a light object off the ground, can have very painful results. Back pain can also be the result of a disease such as kidney infections, blood clots, or bone loss. We rely on the strength in our back to perform many physical tasks, even sedentary tasks such as sitting at a desk require our back muscles. Regardless of age, occupation, and ethnicity, nobody is insusceptible to the risks of back pain. The experienced Chiropractors at Florida Spine and Injury have come up with a list of 5 Facts about Back Pain that we think everyone should know.
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How do Chiropractors Help Patients in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

on Sep 21, 2018 2:36:00 PM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 1 Comment | car accident
Although there are various types of personal injuries, the one thing that all personal injury claims have in common is that they are all accidents that occurred as a result of someone else's negligence. Keeping this in mind, not all personal injuries are the same, while some may require hospitalization, others can be treated most effectively with the help of an experienced Chiropractor. When you suffer from an injury that was caused by another's careless actions, filing a claim for compensation is your best chance at receiving all of the benefits that you deserve. Now it's important to keep in mind that the negligent person's insurance company will try to minimize your payout as much as possible, or even avoid it altogether. Now you may be wondering just where does a chiropractor fit into all of this? Well at Florida Spine and Injury we are here to tell you how our Chiropractors help patients after they have been involved in a Personal Injury Accident. Article Table of Contents: Thorough Injury Documentation We Work with Insurance Companies We Work with Personal Injury Attorneys Why Choose Florida Spine and Injury
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