Injured at Work?

Hurt in an Accident at Work?

Our Injury Doctors Can Help!

Thousands of work related injuries occur every day, leaving workers unable to complete their jobs and make a living.

Our experienced accident injury chiropractic clinic is devoted to helping those individuals who were hurt at work and require treatment from a professional. 

We are well-versed in the worker's compensation process and can help you get the compensation you require from your employer for your injuries.  

Whether your injury is minor or severe, you do not need to suffer. Our doctors help those with minor pain and soreness and victims who have suffered life changing disabilities and disfigurement.

What to do If You Were Injured at Work?

Some work places are full of hazards, depending on the industry you work in. Even if you follow every safety protocol 'to a T', accidents are still bound to happen every now and then.

So what do you do if you suffer an injury while on the job?

If you become injured while working, the first thing you should do is notify your employer of the incident. An incident report documenting the accident's details should be created so your injury is on record with your company.

If you delay notifying your employer of the accident and your consequential injuries, you will forfeit your right to compensation. You do not want to be stuck paying for your medical bills and other treatments out-of-pocket. 

Your next step should be seeking medical attention.

If your injury is severe enough, you may need to be taken the the emergency room. If not, schedule an appointment with a chiropractor that specializes in treating injuries caused by personal injury accidents.

How Florida Spine and Injury Can Help

Florida Spine and Injury is devoted to helping individuals who have been hurt due to negligence.

We believe that your employer, or their insurance company, should be held responsible for paying for expenses you incurred as a result of an unsafe working environment, another person's reckless actions, or lack of safety protocol.

If you were the innocent victim in an unfortunate situation, you should not have to pay for your medical bills and treatments while being unable to work.

Our accident injury clinic can help by providing natural treatment methods that work. It is our main goal to get you feeling better and back to work as quickly as possible. 

Our chiropractic doctors will design a personalized treatment and pain management plan that is geared toward your specific needs as a work place injury victim.

We can also help you find a quality personal injury attorney if your employer or their insurance company is trying to deny your claim.

A personal injury attorney will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and fight for your legal rights. 

We will work with the insurance company, your work place, and your attorney to provide the necessary documentation of your accident and resulting injury in order to support your case.

This detailed report includes the following: 

  1. Date and Time of Doctor Visits 
  2. Detailed Diagnosis
  3. Modified Work Duties
  4. Expected Date Victim Can Return to Work
  5. Additional Doctor Referrals

With this documentation from a credible accident injury doctor, the workers compensation professionals, insurance companies, and your attorney should be able to find a fair resolution to your claim.  

Most Common Types of Work Place Injuries

Below is a list of the most common causes of work-related injuries that our expert chiropractic doctors treat on a regular basis.

  1. Slips, Trips, and Falls 
  1. Repetitive Motion Strains
  1. Motor Vehicle Accidents
  1. Being Hit by Falling Objects 
  1. Pulled Muscles

How We Treat On the Job Injuries at Florida Spine and Injury Center

At Florida Spine and Injury Chiropractic Center, our doctors evaluate your condition and develop a completely natural treatment plan designed just for you.

Your tailored treatment regimen may consist of chiropractic care, physical therapy, spinal decompression and other safe treatment techniques that target the source of your pain.

We never recommend the harmful pain medications that traditional medical doctors tend to prescribe, which only mask your pain symptoms.

Our goal is to restore natural mobility within your body, while reducing the pain and soreness you are experiencing.

Contact the Best Choice for Work Injury Treatments in Florida

If you were hurt at work, do not hesitate to call the professional Accident Accident Physicians at Florida Spine and Injury. We specialize in helping the victims of on the job accidents with personalized rehabilitative therapies. 

Whether your injuries were minor or debilitating, we can help.

Our primary goal as an accident injury establishment has been to correct problems at their source.

Our accident center offers same day appointments to those who have been injured in workplace accidents and need immediate medical attention. 

Everyone deserves proper care after an accident that wasn't their fault, so call today!

The sooner you get the treatment you need, the faster we can help you recover your settlement for your worker's compensation case.  

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Work Accident Injury Chiropractors in Florida

How We Help With Work Injuries

The personal injury chiropractors at the Florida Spine and Injury clinic help the victims of on the job injuries. 

Our doctors primarily focus on soft tissue injuries, pain and soreness caused by repetitive movements, and spinal misalignments. 

Our natural treatment techniques are designed specifically for you and will help restore your health to get you healthy and back to work as quickly as possible. 

If you were hurt at work and need your employer to cover your medical bills and treatments, it is essential to make an appointment at a chiropractic clinic that has experience in handling these types of injury cases. 

Our experienced staff will properly document your condition and provide all of the necessary paperwork to your employer so you can be reimbursed for your medical bills and time missed at work. 

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