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Rehabilitation exercise is a workout program that is crucial to a patient’s treatment plan, but many overlook this step. Most people who suffer from neck and back pain almost always need to complete rehabilitation exercised to regain their full mobility. By completing the rehabilitation program, you are less likely to reinjure the same place. It helps strengthen the injured area and regain full function.

Rehabilitation exercise is more of a preventative step to aiding your health as you move on from your Personal Injury Accident. Rehabilitation exercises help soft tissues and muscles to stabilize and protect the spine from injury.

What does Rehabilitation Exercise Entail?

There are various exercises and drills that strengthen your muscles to regain your pre-injury level of fitness.

Your program should include stretching, strengthening, and aerobic conditioning of the back and body. There are three main muscles that are focused on because they support the spine. Since the spine is the main hub for your body’s function the better protected, it is the better preserve your entire body is from injury. That is why these muscles receive the most attention in most rehabilitation exercises.

Your three main muscles that support your spine are:

  • Extensors are your back, and gluteal muscles used when standing, lifting and extending the back.
  • Flexors are your abdominal and iliopsoas muscles used to bend and support the spine from the front and flex the upper leg toward the body.
  • Rotators or Obliques are your side muscles are used to stabilize and rotate the spine and help maintain proper posture.

McKenzie and Lumber Stabilization exercises are the two main forms of exercises to strengthen your back.

The McKenzie Exercise focuses on extension positions of the spine to alleviate pain created from collapse disc space. For patients that suffer from sciatic pain, they will typically do this exercise to reduce leg pain to centralize the pain by moving the pain in the leg to the lower back.

Lumbar Stabilization Exercise focuses on finding the patient's "neutral" spine, which is the position that allows the patient to feel most comfortable. The exercise teaches the spine to stay in that position which will help maintain back strengthening along with proper posture if these are done on a regular basis.

The combination of these two exercises is sometimes needed for back problems.

What are the main benefits of Rehabilitation Exercise Program?

  • Custom program for your injury
  • Prevents re-injury
  • Strengthens Muscles
  • Regain flexibility and mobility
  • You are taught proper form
  • Stretches the entire body
  • Individual Help
  • Gain balance

Even if you feel you have an active lifestyle adding these exercises to your daily routine can have a big impact on your overall health. Our professionals teach you the proper techniques, and then you can use these exercise for the rest of your life. They make sure you understand how to each exercise, the right about of reps you need, and how often to do them.

Continuing these exercises will help protect your body from the same injury and even other injuries. Now this isn’t to say you will never get hurt again but your odds are better and it can help future injuries from being as sever. Taking care of your body on a daily basis is the key to happy healthy life.

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