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The Best Supplement Stack For Back Pain

on Apr 27, 2020 9:00:00 AM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 0 Comments | back pain
It's possible to take a natural approach to back pain by using supplements that can reduce inflammation and provide some pain relief.    Supplements work best when used in combination with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and stress management.   But the word "natural" on a supplement doesn't automatically mean safe, so it's important to talk with your chiropractor before you begin a new regimen.    Some supplements can interact with other medications and cause complications, and some just plain don't work.    While there's no magic bullet to instantly make your back better, the following supplements and nutrients can ease your pain, relieve inflammation, and relax your back muscles.    They are especially beneficial for chronic back problems since they can also induce healing.  
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How To Stay Healthy While You're Stuck at Home

on Apr 22, 2020 9:20:47 AM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 0 Comments | healthy
As shelter in place takes effect across most of the country, many of us are cooped up at home.   However, being inside for long periods or feeling isolated can be stressful and boring.    Experts at the CDC recommend staving off the anxiety associated with social distancing by keeping up a healthy routine, including healthy eating and regular exercise.    If you're stuck at home, because of COVID-19 or for whatever reason, here are some ways to remain physically active and healthy from the comfort of your own home.   
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Should I Exercise After A Chiropractic Adjustment?

on Apr 13, 2020 9:00:00 AM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 0 Comments | chiropractic care
Chiropractic treatments are one of the most sought-after forms of alternative medicine.    Chiropractic care aims to improve various body functions by relieving back pain and readjusting the spine, as well as correcting poor posture. Click here for the research behind chiropractic care.    Depending on your diagnosis, treatments can range from short routine adjustments to more long-term treatment plans.    Each adjustment involves manipulations of the spine, tissues, and muscles.   Exercising immediately following treatment carries the risk of disrupting the work your chiropractor performed.    But, regular exercise is generally an essential part of a chiropractic treatment plan.    Below we will take a look at whether or not you should exercise after chiropractic care.  
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Chiropractic Care For Breathing Problems

on Apr 9, 2020 10:48:08 AM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 0 Comments | chiropractic care
Whether it's allergies or chronic problems like asthma or bronchitis, if you have a breathing issue, your quality of life will suffer.    Correcting spinal subluxations can have surprising benefits for your health outside of preventing back pain. That includes working to improve breathing problems.    Patients have reported that chiropractic care has had extremely noticeable benefits for their respiratory system.   If you're someone that has frequent or ongoing problems breathing, consult with the team at Florida Spine and Injury.    They can help you determine if your spine might be playing a role in how you breathe.   And, if it is, they might be able to help correct it.    In the article below, we will discuss breathing issues and how chiropractic care can help.  
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Does Chiropractic Care Help You Lose Weight?

on Mar 30, 2020 10:00:00 AM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 0 Comments | weight loss
It's tough to lose weight. There are so many factors that go into it which differentiate between each person depending on current weight, age, sex, metabolism, genetics, and many other variables.    It's not very easy to figure out with route will work best for you, especially when there are hundreds, if not thousands, of diets, workout plans, supplements, cleanses, protein shakes and meal plans out there to choose from.    It's all very overwhelming.   And even once you decide on your plan of action, you may find that at a certain point, no matter what you do, you have hit a plateau in your weight loss where the pounds won't move.    This may be a time where some extra help is required, and fortunately, there is a natural treatment that may be the answer.    Surprisingly enough, that natural treatment is chiropractic care.
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Can Your Diet Prevent Back Pain?

on Mar 25, 2020 9:00:00 AM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 0 Comments | back pain
Is your diet contributing to your back pain? It could be.    Many foods have been shown to reduce (or increase) inflammation, a known cause for back pain.    So when you have back pain, changing your diet may help you avoid it.   Inflammation will run rampant through your body if it's left unchecked, causing all kinds of problems, including low-back pain.   That's why creating an anti-inflammatory diet with foods that help you maintain proper nutrition is essential to managing back pain.   If you're prone to back pain, consider the diet tips in the article below.  
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How To Exercise Your Back

on Mar 13, 2020 9:00:00 AM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 0 Comments | back pain
If you think treating back pain means going to bed or taking it easy, you couldn't be more wrong.    Most acute back pain resolves within a few weeks with home treatment, and bed rest is typically not recommended.   Exercise is one of the best ways to get rid of back pain and keep it from returning. There is an exercise for almost anyone with back pain.    Some people even begin to exercise the day after back surgery.    But there are some types of workouts for back pain that are more beneficial than others.   In the article below, we will take an in-depth look at exercising for back pain.
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What The Research Says About Chiropractic Care

on Mar 4, 2020 10:00:00 AM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 0 Comments | chiropractic care
What Does The Research Say About Chiropractic Care? As time goes on, more and more people are becoming curious about chiropractic care. They want to know if it is a safe and effective treatment for back and neck pain, among other ailments. Maybe you're wondering that as well. If so, that's understandable. Everyone wants relief from their pain, but they also want to know the treatment they choose is going to be helpful and not harmful. By being curious and doing your research, you are engaged, informed, and motivated patients. That's a beautiful thing to be when you are trying to find relief from any pain. To give you a head start, we've compiled a list of quotes from research done on chiropractic care. These quotes should be a good starting place for your research into the safety and effectiveness of chiropractic care.
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Why Millennials Are Choosing Chiropractic Care

on Feb 5, 2020 10:35:00 AM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 1 Comment | chiropractic care
Everyone likes to talk about millennials. Even millennial's. No matter what your opinion of them is, they are learning from the past, rejecting what hasn't worked, and shaping their world into what they believe it should be. Call it entitlement, call it being self-involved, no matter what you call it, millennial's aren't afraid to challenge the status quote in pursuit of what's best. And they aren't doing it just because they can. They're doing it because they know there is a better way, and they will stop at nothing to find it. One of the ways they are breaking the mold is by embracing chiropractic care in favor of traditional medicine. They love it because it is based on prevention, not reaction. They love it because they realize prevention is the key to good health. Maybe we should all be a little more like millennials. In the article below, we will go over a few of the specific reasons millennials have chosen chiropractic care, so maybe we can all follow in their footsteps.
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Why The Elderly Should Embrace Chiropractic Care

on Feb 3, 2020 9:00:00 AM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 0 Comments | chiropractic care
Many seniors are unaware of the benefits that regular chiropractic care can provide them.   Chiropractic care continues to gain traction in the medical community as a very safe and effective way to address many kinds of illnesses.   Senior citizens stand to benefit the most from regular visits to their chiropractor.   The elderly often suffer from many of the conditions that can be treated with chiropractic care, but they are afraid the adjustments will be too rough for them.   However, that's not necessarily true, and a skilled chiropractor will change their approach so they can treat elderly patients without harming them.   The chiropractor will adapt their techniques to make sure they give the appropriate treatment to each patient.   In the article below, we will discuss several of the benefits senior citizens stand to gain from regular chiropractic care.
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