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Why does my Lawyer want me to see a Chiropractor?

Posted by Florida Spine and Injury | Dec 26, 2018 12:01:19 PM

Three Reasons Your Lawyer Wants You to See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident

When you are involved in a car accident that was not your fault, you might just do a quick check to see if you're okay, or you might tell yourself you don't have time to seek medical attention.

Or perhaps you decide you need an attorney to help with your car accident claim, and you come to find out that your attorney wants you to see a chiropractor. 

You will probably be wondering, why would my lawyer want me to see a Chiropractor after a Car Accident? 

Florida Car Accident Personal Injury Victim

There are a few reasons why your experienced Car Accident Lawyer may suggest you seek chiropractic care after being involved in a motor vehicle accident that was not your fault. 

Let's take a look at the top three reasons!


Article Table of Contents:

  1. Hidden Injuries
  2. Strengthen your Claim 
  3. Avoid Long Term Pain and Suffering

1. Hidden Injuries

Remember when you did a self-check and decided you were fine?

Well, your lawyer has probably been around the block a few times and understands car accidents can cause injuries that take hours, days, or sometimes weeks to present symptoms.

This means your case may begin with you informing your lawyer that you're not hurt and then turn around a few days later in pain.

Your lawyer would rather speed up the process and have you officially examined and diagnosed to determine if you suffered any underlying injuries such as whiplash

If you did suffer a whiplash injury, you may need weeks or months of chiropractic care to ensure chronic pain does not set in.

If this is the case, your accident claim will not be able to move forward until you have been released by the doctor, at which point, your lawyer will include your medical expenses in their demand for compensation. 

Your lawyer knows that the sooner you are seen and diagnosed by a chiropractor the sooner you will both know what your case is looking like and what steps need to be taken to make sure you receive the compensation that you're owed. 

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2. Strengthen your Claim 

Your lawyer will also want you to see a chiropractor as quickly as possible after your accident to help strengthen your claim for compensation

Your attorney knows that the longer you wait to seek treatment, the harder it will be to obtain the full amount of compensation that you are owed for your medical expenses and suffering.

The insurance company of the negligent driver will try to say you weren't really injured, or that your pain and suffering wasn't significant because you waited to seek medical attention.

Chiropractors provide your attorney with documentation that states your injuries occurred because of the accident that you were involved in along with the procedures and treatments that you need in order to return to the health you were in before the accident happened.

That makes it much harder for the insurance company to fight about your claim if you received medical care shortly after the accident occurred. 

3. Avoid Long-Term Pain and Suffering 

Your attorney is more than likely well aware of the horrible side effects and injuries that can occur in a car accident. 

Putting off medical treatment after a car crash is never the answer. Ignoring symptoms that may seem minor at first can only make matters worse.

The key is catching your injuries early on. 

Minor injuries that a chiropractor would have been able to treat easily early on can turn into a serious problem when they are left untreated; they may even end up requiring invasive surgery in order to heal. 

When you are treated immediately after the accident, recovery is much quicker and more efficient.

Chiropractic care a safe, drug-free, and surgery-free form of pain relief treatment. It is holistic and natural.

Contact Florida Spine and Injury if you were Involved in a Car Accident Injury 

If you were involved in a Car Accident in Florida that was not your fault, the experienced Chiropractors at Florida Spine and Injury can help you with your recovery. 

Personal Injury Attorney Chiropractic Care Florida

Our chiropractors work with many law firms throughout the state of Florida. We are no strangers to helping car accident victims, and we understand the process of needing to be seen quickly and regularly to help with your claim.

Once you have completed treatment, Florida Spine and Injury wastes no time in sending our detailed records or your injury and treatment process to your attorney so they can begin to file your lawsuit for compensation. 

The sooner you seek care the quicker you can return to your normal, everyday activities. Your chiropractor will work diligently to find the source of your pain and come up with a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to your recovery needs. 

Our doctors offer a free consultation so we can speak with you and find out the best way to get you feeling like yourself again. 

Click the link below to schedule your appointment with our Top Car Accident Chiropractors in Florida today. 

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