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Can Chiropractors Help With Nerve Pain?

on Oct 15, 2018 12:23:37 PM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 0 Comments |
Chiropractic Care and Nerve Pain If you have ever suffered from Nerve Pain, you understand how miserable it can be. And you're not alone. Over 20 million people in the United States deal with some type of peripheral nerve pain. Your nervous system is involved in just about everything you do, so it is no surprise how painful nerve pain (also called neuropathic pain) can be. It can also be quite chronic. This means that there can be a wide range of symptoms to look for. Why is this the case? Article Table of Contents: The Types of Nerves Autonomic Nerves Motor Nerves Sensory Nerves Causes of Nerve Pain What is Chiropractic Care? Chiropractic Treatment for Neuropathy
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6 Chiropractor Approved Ab Exercises That Are Safe For Your Lower Back

on Oct 11, 2018 2:37:56 PM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 3 Comments | back pain
Working Your Abs While Resting Your Back As summer is dwindling and the Fall months approach and all those wonderful holidays, it is easier to let yourself go a little. Hey, we've all been there. Unfortunately, you get to the other side of those holidays and have a little extra padding in the stomach area. So what is the most common exercise for the abs? Basic sit-ups, right? Have you ever sat up after your crunches and you feel more pain in your back than your stomach? That can be frustrating and likely to deter you from trying to exercise your abdominals again. So what can you do about? Thankfully, we have some effective and chiropractic-approved ab exercises that are safe and will not hurt your back. Article Table of Contents: What is Chiropractic Care? Do chiropractors heal patients? Breaking Down Back Pain Why Chiropractic Consultation is Essential Before Engaging in Ab Exercises 6 Ab Exercises That Are Safe For The Lower Back Front Plank Stir the Pot Stomach Vacuum Exercise Core Abdominals Towel Crunches That Protect The Lower Back Swiss Ball Crunches
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5 Facts About Back Pain That You Should Know About

on Oct 8, 2018 3:36:05 PM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 1 Comment | back pain
Back Pain Facts The back is a complex structure of joints, ligaments, bones, and muscles. Unfortunately, it is all to common to sprain ligaments, irritate joints, strain muscles, and rupture discs, all of which will lead to back pain. While accidents, work injuries, or sports injuries can cause back pain, sometimes simple movements like picking up a light object off the ground, can have very painful results. Back pain can also be the result of a disease such as kidney infections, blood clots, or bone loss. We rely on the strength in our back to perform many physical tasks, even sedentary tasks such as sitting at a desk require our back muscles. Regardless of age, occupation, and ethnicity, nobody is insusceptible to the risks of back pain. The experienced Chiropractors at Florida Spine and Injury have come up with a list of 5 Facts about Back Pain that we think everyone should know.
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How do Chiropractors Help Patients in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

on Sep 21, 2018 2:36:00 PM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 1 Comment | car accident
Although there are various types of personal injuries, the one thing that all personal injury claims have in common is that they are all accidents that occurred as a result of someone else's negligence. Keeping this in mind, not all personal injuries are the same, while some may require hospitalization, others can be treated most effectively with the help of an experienced Chiropractor. When you suffer from an injury that was caused by another's careless actions, filing a claim for compensation is your best chance at receiving all of the benefits that you deserve. Now it's important to keep in mind that the negligent person's insurance company will try to minimize your payout as much as possible, or even avoid it altogether. Now you may be wondering just where does a chiropractor fit into all of this? Well at Florida Spine and Injury we are here to tell you how our Chiropractors help patients after they have been involved in a Personal Injury Accident. Article Table of Contents: Thorough Injury Documentation We Work with Insurance Companies We Work with Personal Injury Attorneys Why Choose Florida Spine and Injury
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What Is Causing My Back Pain?

on Aug 31, 2018 1:46:45 PM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 3 Comments | chiropractic care back pain
"What is causing my back pain?" is probably one of the most common questions physicians get from their patients who are suffering from soreness, stabbing pains, or stiffness in their back. Some individuals know the exact cause of their suffering, while others can't seem to fathom why it is happening to them. Therefore, we are writing this blog to help individuals who are in pain. Not only do I think you deserve some insight into the many potential causes of back pain, I also want to help you avoid common risk factors that can lead to more severe or even chronic back pain. If you are already suffering, I will also touch on what doctor you need to go see immediately and why they are the best option when dealing with the spine and non-visible musculoskeletal injuries in general. Article Table of Contents: Potential Causes of Your Back Injury and Pain Risk Factors That Could Potentially Lead to Back Pain What Kind of Doctor Can Help Reduce Back Pain?
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The Ultimate Guide to Tension Headaches | 13 Best Relief Tips

on Aug 22, 2018 11:13:44 AM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 5 Comments |
Whether you're out spending time with your family or trying to make the most of your work day, a headache can throw a wrench into your focus. We all know that feeling when you want to enjoy yourself or be productive, but instead, you have to deal with the exhausting and painful symptoms of a headache. Tension headaches are the most common type of a headache, accounting for nearly 90% of all headaches, but that doesn’t make them any more bearable. It’s one of the most disabling conditions out there, and it’s one that many people feel they just have to “wait out.” There are several different ways to relieve the pain of these annoyingly common headaches. In this article, you’ll find the best relief techniques for tension headaches so you can get back to your daily life happy, focused, and pain-free. Article Table of Contents: What are tension headaches? What causes tension headaches? How long do tension headaches usually last? The 13 best relief techniques for tension headaches
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What Is Spinal Decompression Therapy and How Does It Work?

on Aug 9, 2018 2:58:10 PM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 3 Comments | spinal decompression
If you have been to a chiropractor, you may have noticed that they offer Spinal Decompression Therapy, and you may be wondering what this is and how it helps. Spinal decompression is a nonsurgical option for treatment that is specifically designed for those who are suffering from mild to moderate back pain. Spinal Decompression Therapy is used to realign the spine and help to relieve pressure on pinched nerves that are causing chronic pain. The traction from spinal decompression therapy will increase the circulation to the damaged disc which allows it to begin the natural healing process. This may also reduce compression of nearby spinal nerve roots. This type of therapy is often prescribed by a Chiropractor when a patient is suffering from chronic back pain from damaged discs. Article Table of Contents: How to Perform Spinal Decompression Therapy Who can Receive Spinal Decompression Therapy What to do if you are Suffering from Chronic Back Pain
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5 Common Car Accident Injuries

on Jul 26, 2018 8:36:33 AM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 3 Comments |
Over three million people are injured each year in motor vehicle accidents across the country, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). And if you've been in a car accident, you know how jarring and frightening it can be. Car accidents can cause a variety of injuries that are both physical and emotional injuries. Although car accident injuries will vary from person to person and from one accident to the next, there are some relatively common ones. From our experience treating car accident injury victims, we have compiled a list of injuries that we believe to be the most Common Car Accident Injuries. Article Table of Contents: Head Injuries Back Injuries Neck Injuries Chest Injuries Cuts, Bruises, and Broken Bones What to do after a Car Accident Injury
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Soft Tissue Injuries: What You Need To Know

on Jul 19, 2018 4:52:28 PM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 0 Comments | chiropractic care
One of the most common types of injuries that Chiropractors treat for patients is Soft Tissue Injuries. These types of injuries are so common because Soft Tissue is responsible for connecting, supporting, and surrounding the structure and functionality of the body, including our bone and organ structure. Because of their involvement throughout the entire body, soft tissues can easily be exposed to injuries when a person is involved in an accident or over-exerts themselves. Chiropractic Care is so effective at treating Soft Tissue Injuries because Chiropractors have been trained to treat conditions of the Musculoskeletal system, which includes Soft Tissue. Chiropractic care is safe, an noninvasive treatment that works to heal the cause of the issue, not just mask the symptoms. Which means no medication for pain will be prescribed. So how do Chiropractors treat Soft Tissue Injuries? Before we discuss the benefits of Chiropractic care for Soft Tissue Injuries, lets first discuss what exactly Soft Tissue and Soft Tissue Injuries are. Article Table of Contents: What is Soft Tissue? Diagnosing a Soft Tissue Injury Symptoms of a Soft Tissue Injury How the Body Reacts to Soft-Tissue Injuries Inflammatory Stage Repair Stage Remodeling Stage How Chiropractors Treat Soft Tissue Injuries
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Failed Back Surgery: The Dangers of Back Surgery

on Jul 10, 2018 9:34:11 AM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 1 Comment | back pain
A study conducted at the UNC School of Medicine found that 80 percent of Americans suffer from back pain. This is an alarmingly high number of people. The same study also claimed that “low back pain is the second most common cause of disability in the United States and a common reason for missing work.” At that rate, you and your loved ones have a very high chance of being impacted by this chronic pain or injury, which will not only result in physical issues but also financial if you are required to miss work or spend an abundance of money on medical bills and treatment. Back pain is nondiscriminatory and can impact people of all ages, genders, races, and socioeconomic status. Nobody is above its reach, and living with a back condition can severely impact your quality of life. Most individuals will do anything they need to in order to relieve their symptoms, which means many people turn to surgery as their solution. Learn about some exercises you can do to relieve back pain. Although this is the solution often recommended by medical doctors, it should never be the first choice, except for extenuating circumstances. Not only is back surgery dangerous, there is no guarantee that it will actually work. Therefore, before taking this huge life-altering risk, you need to exhaust your other treatment options. Article Table of Contents: Common Causes of Back Pain How to Prevent Back Pain and the Need for Surgery Treatment Options Before Opting for Back Surgery How Can You Prevent Failed Back Surgery
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