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Does a Chiropractor help me with the Settlement after a Car Accident?

on Sep 18, 2019 10:16:00 AM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 0 Comments | car accident
Does a Chiropractor help with my Car Accident Settlement? Were you recently involved in a Car Accident that wasn't your fault in Florida? If you're suffering from a car accident injury, you need to be seen by an experienced Chiropractor for pain relief treatment. Check out the article below to find out what you need to know for the smoothest settlement possible.
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What You Should Do Before Your First Chiropractic Appointment

on Sep 17, 2019 9:43:55 AM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 2 Comments | chiropractic care
Having an appointment anywhere for the first time can always be nerve-racking. Whether you're going to a new hairstylist, a new mechanic, a new dentist, or a new doctor, it can be a little unsettling just because you don't know what to expect. The same is true for chiropractic care, especially if you've never gone before. There are a lot of mixed feelings about chiropractic care, so it can be hard to form an opinion before your first visit. Some people swear by it, while other people still think it's voodoo. Rest assured, chiropractic care isn't voodoo, and chiropractors are real doctors. A chiropractor can even serve as your general practitioner. With that said, in the article below, we'll help put your mind at ease and go over a few things you should do before your first chiropractic appointment.
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How Chiropractic Adjustments Can Help Fight The Flu

on Sep 12, 2019 10:38:00 AM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 0 Comments |
Table of Contents: Chiropractic Care and the Flu in the U.S. Chiropractic Care And The Flu Have A Long History Could a Flu this Severe Happen Again? Chiropractic Adjustments Increase Immune Cells Chiropractic Care Is About More Than Back Pain Schedule A Chiropractic Appointment Today Chiropractic Care and the Flu in the U.S. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), between 5% and 20% of the U.S. population comes down with the flu each year. Of those, as many as 200,000 people are hospitalized for their flu-related complications. It's one of those things we can always be sure of. The opposite of up is down, after day comes night, and every year there will be a flu season. It's an unfortunate truth of our reality. Luckily for most of us, it's not a big deal. We suffer for a few days, but everything goes back to normal after that. It's a different story for the very young and the very old where getting the flu can be devastating. The flu shot does a good job protecting them for the could-be deadly-sickness if they get it on time every year. However, for most of us, doing things like staying hydrated, taking probiotics, and getting extra vitamin C, iron, and vitamin D3 will get us out of the woods. There is, however, a treatment no one thinks of when talking about the flu: Chiropractic Care. Chiropractic care treats more than just back pain, and can actually help you prevent and fight off the flu. We'll discuss more below. - back to top
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4 Surprising Conditions Your Chiropractor Can Treat

on Sep 3, 2019 11:55:12 AM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 1 Comment | chiropractic care
Whether you're just learning about chiropractic care, or you visit your chiropractor 3 times a week, there are likely things you don't realize your chiropractor can treat. Chiropractic care is excellent for back pain, but it's great for many other things as well. Chiropractic care is based on the idea that given the opportunity and everything is functioning the way it should, the body can heal itself. And, with the right adjustments, chiropractors can help your body heal and overcome several surprising conditions. Many people are entirely unaware of just how much their chiropractor can do for them and how powerful the treatments can be. In the article below, we'll talk about four surprising conditions that chiropractic care can treat..
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Are Physically Strenuous Jobs Contributing To Early Deaths?

on Aug 27, 2019 2:54:23 PM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 0 Comments | jobs early death physical labor manual labor
They say sitting is the new smoking. Research continues to show that spending a little less time in your office chair can reduce your chances of cancer, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and back pain. There are two groups of people reading this right now; people sitting at a desk that might be on the verge of a panic attack, and people that work manual labor jobs laughing at the desk jockeys. But, don't think you're in the clear just yet if you work a manual labor job. The British Journal of Sports Medicine recently published a paper that took data from 17 previous studies and found what the authors called a "physical activity paradox." So, while sitting at your desk for prolonged periods is bad for you, and exercise in leisure time has proven to be good for you, the "exercise" you get at work probably isn't good for you after all. The study found that men in physically demanding jobs had an increased risk of 18% of early death compared to men who work jobs requiring little to no physical activity. And, the link was only found in men who worked physical jobs, not women. So what's the deal? Why is an exercise in leisure time good, but not when you're at work? We'll do a deep dive into these questions below.
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6 Exercises To Improve Posture and Relieve Back Pain

on Aug 23, 2019 3:10:53 PM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 1 Comment | back pain
Are you sitting at a desk right now? Chances are you just answered yes, and that you've been there for a while, or you still have a while to go before you can leave your desk. And, there's also a chance you aren't completely comfortable. Maybe your neck or shoulders are stiff. Maybe your back hurts. No matter where you're feeling sore, it's most likely because you have to sit in that chair for too long. You likely have no choice, and you have to sit in that chair for that long, and that's where proper posture comes in. Good posture helps your muscles, bones, balance, internal organs, and it goes a long way in minimizing back pain. Poor posture and a weak core are two of the biggest reasons for back pain. Since you aren't likely able to ditch your desk, there are simple exercises and stretches you can do throughout the day to improve your posture and reduce your back pain. We'll talk about six of them below.
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Simple Household Items to Relieve Back Pain

on Aug 8, 2019 10:15:32 AM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 2 Comments | back pain
Everyday Items To Relieve Back Pain Fast These are some items everyone should have just laying around the house that can help provide relief to your back pain.
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5-Star Chiropractor [for real]

on Jul 30, 2019 2:33:50 PM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 0 Comments | car accident review
Here's what one of our patients had to say about Florida Spine & Injury. . . Any chiropractor can claim they're the best. So, how do you know who to trust? At Florida Spine and Injury, we don't want you to take our word for it. Why not go straight to the source: our patients! We love when first time visitors c heck out our patient reviews, like this one from Shenay: "Ocala Spine and Injury is an excellent place to be when you're hurt! The staff is really awesome!! Dayna, and Katie (Nikki), are a bundle of joy with great personalities!! They will keep you smiling! Dr. Fontaine and Dr. Soto are wonderful experts who really have the patients' best interests at hand! Hats off guys! You are appreciated! Amanda is the best appointment setter LOL can't forget you 😁" Click here to read Shenay's review on our Google listing. At Florida Spine & Injury, we love providing top-quality care, an excellent scheduling experience, short wait times - and we like to have fun, too! We hate to see our patients hurting and in pain, so we do everything possible to treat the source of their injuries for a fast recovery. We use the latest medical advances and proven techniques to provide each of our patients the custom-designed treatment plan they deserve. Here are some of the treatment options we offer to help people dealing with car accident injuries: Whiplash Treatment Back Pain Relief Neck Pain Relief Hip Injury Recovery Relief from Soreness, Stiffness & Pain Overall Alignment We not only provide a wide range of treatment options to treat each patient's car accident injuries individually, we also like to lighten the mood! We believe recovery doesn't have to be endured, it can be enjoyed. Check out another blog: 5 things you should know about chiropractic care . Original article here
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6 Reasons Chiropractic Treatment Is Important For Athletes

on Jun 19, 2019 3:08:32 PM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 4 Comments |
Chiropractic care is a natural, non-invasive, drug-free health care alternative that helps its patients find relief from a wide range of musculoskeletal issues. Chiropractic care empowers your bodies natural ability to heal itself and function at an optimal level, so anyone can see benefits from chiropractic care. Athletes, in particular, can see massive benefits from chiropractic treatments before and after practices and games. MLB, along with the NFL, have recognized these benefits for years. Most teams employ their own sports chiropractor, so there is always one available. Athletes from all over the world utilize chiropractic care, including athletes at the 2016 Olympic games. Athletes are referred to chiropractors for a variety of reasons, including neck, low back, and extremity conditions. Chiropractors help athletes achieve their goals by getting them back into play after injuries, or helping them increase strength and flexibility to prevent injuries from occurring. Chiropractors have the tools and skills necessary to optimize the performance of an individual's musculoskeletal system along with their nervous system. Their specialized training allows sports chiropractors to provide therapies that are geared towards maintaining strength and rebounding from injuries. It's also extremely effective at reducing the number of injuries an athlete occurs all together, or at the very least, decreases the recovery time. In the article below, we will discuss six reasons chiropractic care is important for athletes.
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How To Choose A Chiropractor That's Right For You

on Jun 12, 2019 2:52:52 PM By | Florida Spine and Injury | 20 Comments | chiropractic care
Life is nothing but an endless series of important decisions. Our lives are shaped by even the tiniest choices we make, so it's important that we do our due diligence when making any kind of decision. No matter how big or small the decision, anything from what you're having for lunch to who you choose to marry, the decision you make can shape your day, your year, or your life. One of the major decisions you have to make a few times over the course of your life is who you're going to choose to be your doctor. And, if you prefer a hands-on approach to healthcare that promotes healing without medications or surgery, chiropractic care is your best option. Your chiropractor can serve as your primary doctor and is your partner in spine, muscle, joint, and over health. There will be times when you depend on your chiropractor's knowledge and expertise to help you stay healthy or recover from an injury. So, how do you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing your chiropractor? In the article below, we will list some important factors you should keep in mind.
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