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What Your Chiropractor Wants You To Do During Treatment

Posted by Florida Spine and Injury | Oct 22, 2019 11:00:00 AM

Although chiropractic care is useful for treating a variety of symptoms, most people visit to get their back pain taken care of.

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So, chiropractors remain most well-known for their treatment of back pain.

And, for good reason, because it has been proven over and over again that back pain can be effectively treated and prevented with regular chiropractic care.

Every year, nearly 18 million people seek out chiropractic care to treat their back pain every day.

Chiropractic care is a team effort between you and your chiropractor. Knowing what to expect during your first chiropractic visit as well as ongoing treatment can help in the process. 

Your chiropractor will take care of you while you're in their office, but they will also give you instructions on what you should do on your own, such as diet and exercise.

There are many other things you should do, and other things you should avoid, while your chiropractor is treating your back pain.

In the article below, we go over a list of some of the things, when done right, can help expedite your recovery process.

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An x-ray will help your chiropractor make a diagnosis

1. Get An X-Ray

Most chiropractors will perform x-rays during your initial exam. Most chiropractors won't begin treatment until they've made a diagnosis with the help of an x-ray.

A proper diagnosis will point out exactly what needs to be treated.

For example, if you have a headache, you shouldn't begin any treatment until your chiropractor has given you an official diagnosis.

The diagnosis tells you what's wrong, what's causing it, and what treatments need to be done to fix it.

X-rays are very common in chiropractic care.

Your X-ray will provide your chiropractor with critical information that can help shape the type of treatment they provide.

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2. Focus On Prevention

The goal of chiropractic care is to restore your health over the long-term, rather than relieve your symptoms over the short-term.

So you should be mindful of how you move throughout the day (sitting, walking, standing), and how you sleep at night.

Learning how to position your body at your desk, when you're standing and moving, and when you're in bed, will go a long way in treating and preventing your back pain.

Your chiropractor can work with you for months, but if you still slouch, slump or sleep poorly, his or her work will be for nothing.

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Exercise as part of chiropractic treatment

3. Exercise

Exercise helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Many of the medical conditions that chiropractors treat originate from the patient's lifestyle.

Lifestyle experts claim that most chronic illnesses in the world are lifestyle diseases.

Because of this, lifestyle modification is one of the most commonly recommended practices by health experts.

Among those lifestyle modifications is the inclusion of regular exercise.

People who exercise often provide their muscles and joints with flexibility and robustness.

A strong muscle can withstand strenuous activities without fatigue.

This will reduce the proneness of your tissues and muscles to any unprecedented injuries or damage.

You also increase your rate of recovery when you exercise.

Exercising will put your body and mind in the right posture and set in between chiropractic visits.

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4. Rest

There's a difference between sleeping and getting enough sleep.

Just as many people don't sleep enough, there are people that sleep too much as well.

You shouldn't sleep so long that your back and ribs hurt due to the prolonged still position of your body.

Adequate rest gives your tissues and body cells time to grow and develop.

Similarly, this puts your body in a condition for the release of tension and stress in muscles and joints.

Most experts say that anywhere between six and eight hours of sleep is optimal for most people.

The best sleeping positions align your joints and muscles appropriately.

Try to avoid sleeping on your stomach at all costs.

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Proper nutrition will amplify your results

5. Eat Well

Food has always and will always play a vital role in our overall health.

Various medical conditions can be treated and even cured with improved or modified diets.

So, it goes without saying that eating well should be at the core of your chiropractic treatment.

Almost every chiropractor will be able to answer your nutritional questions, and most of them will even make recommendations.

Coupled with chiropractic care, those dietary recommendations will give your body the boost it needs to recover.

Your chiropractor will give specific recommendations, but it is always a good rule of thumb to avoid sugar, processed food, and simple carbohydrates.

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Maximize Your Treatments

Chiropractic care alone will work wonders for your back pain.

Chiropractic care, coupled with the suggestions above, will amplify your results.

And, most of the things we talked about should be done even when you aren't receiving chiropractic treatments.

Sleeping well, eating well, and exercising are things people should be doing no matter what their situation is.

If you're ready to start reaping the rewards of chiropractic care, contact the Florida Spine and Injury Chiropractors today.

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