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Chiropractic Adjustment: Understanding The Sounds During the Procedure

Posted by Florida Spine and Injury | Apr 20, 2018 2:45:20 PM

Chiropractic Adjustment: Understanding That Popping Sound during the Procedure

When you are in pain, every day can be a struggle. Some people experience chronic pain as a part of their daily lives that is so debilitating they are unable to accomplish their daily tasks.

But what about those headaches, backaches, and neck pains that don't deter your daily activities, they just make them less enjoyable?

Chiropractic Care could be the answer in both situations.

A Chiropractor is a medical professional who offers diagnoses and cure for neuromuscular disorders. Typically, these professionals emphasize their procedure through either manual adjustment or the spine’s manipulation.

When thinking of the Chiropractor, your mind might jump to getting your back cracked...and then, 

what is that popping sound? Is it healthy?

Well, first of all, let's take a look at...


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What is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

 A chiropractic adjustment is a measure of how the chiropractor applies manipulation right to the vertebrae that hold unusual movement patterns.

This procedure allows the reduction of subluxation – the result of the spinal bones that hold improper positions and motion which then affects the nerve communications found in your brain.

Another thing is, the procedure helps in increasing motion and improving function.

But what about that "popping" and "cracking" sound?


That Weird Popping Sound

What makes the cracking sound in your back?Many patients experience hearing that "popping" sound during a chiropractic adjustment.

It may sound and feel alarming to you, especially considering the procedure involves your spine, but there is nothing to worry about.

"The simple, easy answer is this: when conducted by a professional, the "popping" sound is completely normal and healthy."

To explain further:

During the procedure, particularly with the back adjustment, your back undergoes gentle, yet rapid, stretching of the spinal joint.

That is where these "popping" sounds are found.

They are caused by the tiny pockets of air taking in the form of fluid which surrounds your joints, being released, which is also referred to as Joint Cavitation.

All in all, the release of the gas found in tiny pockets is not something to be worried about.

It is a regular part of the process. And if you still have questions, it is best to consult your doctor about your concerns.


Do Not Pop Your Own Back

Although you have heard "popping" sounds when your chiropractor adjusts your back, still, it is not recommended to do the procedure all by yourself.

Huge problems may arise here as you have no thorough knowledge or understanding of the technique in which only a qualified chiropractor works with.

If you have tried "popping" your back on purpose and heard that cracking sound which may falsely confirm to you that you are treating the pain, chances are you are still performing it in a way that is detrimental to your spine.

It is always best to visit a professional chiropractor to eradicate the problem safely.


Chiropractic Care Benefits

Back Adjustment | Chiropractic Care BenefitsOutside of just offering that satisfying "pop," chiropractic care provides many other significant benefits to millions of people around the world.

Here are some of the fantastic benefits of chiropractic care methods and procedures:

1. Speedy Pain Relief

Pain is a massive hindrance to whatever you do, and it is vital to eliminate it right away.

A chiropractor’s job is to identify any mechanical issues of your body which causes spine-related pain to fix it immediately.

With this, a series of adjustment is worked out for the treatment.

2. Assists the Body's Function

It is true that chiropractic care helps with your body’s function.

Intense pain in the back obviously negatively affects your body.

A chiropractor can help to provide proper restoration to your back, helping to regain strength in the muscles and restore mobility.

3. Restore Joint Movement

Joint problems are common among individuals who are getting older and those active with sports.

With chiropractic adjustments, coaxing those muscles that surround these stiff joints reduces inflammation and discomfort.

This helps in normalizing mobility.

4. Reduce Stress

A certain level of pain not only irritates the mind but can affect job performance at work.

Whether your pain is affecting you at home, work, or little daily activities it is likely to add unnecessary levels of stress.

When alleviating soreness and pain, chiropractors help your mind and body function to its fullest.

Stress is a drastic problem and a lot of people have experienced increases in their blood pressure because of it. This is why chiropractic care helps in maintaining overall health and even speeds up recovery with stress.


Finding a Chiropractor

Each chiropractor has various methods and techniques, so it is essential to find the right one for you.

You need to understand how your chiropractor is doing their job, which starts with:

  • Consultation: As a patient, you have to provide a brief synopsis of your discomfort and pain. Any specific symptom is incredibly important here to help your chiropractor devise an accurate plan of action.
  • Case history: When it comes to case history, your chiropractor identifies those areas complained by the patient with the help of answering all given questions. This commonly includes family history, occupational history, dietary habits, and history of medications taken.
  • Physical Exam: There are plenty of procedures in which a chiropractor may use to treat pain. Aside from the hands-on methods, your chiropractor also works with additional diagnostic examinations such as X-ray for subluxation location and a device used for detecting the paraspinal region skin's temperature.

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To Wrap Everything Up

The most important thing to remember is this: Chiropractors are trustworthy, and as long as the "popping" sound has not been self-inflicted, it is safe and healthy.

If you are suffering from an ailment in the central Florida area and would like to witness first hand some of the fantastic benefits of chiropractic care, visit Florida Spine and Injury to learn more information and schedule a visit with a professional and qualified chiropractor today.

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