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5 Common Car Accident Injuries

Posted by Florida Spine and Injury | Jul 26, 2018 8:36:33 AM

Over three million people are injured each year in motor vehicle accidents across the country, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

And if you've been in a car accident, you know how jarring and frightening it can be.

Car accidents can cause a variety of injuries that are both physical and emotional injuries. 

Although car accident injuries will vary from person to person and from one accident to the next, there are some relatively common ones.

From our experience treating car accident injury victims, we have compiled a list of injuries that we believe to be the most Common Car Accident Injuries.

Article Table of Contents:

Head Injuries 

Woman suffers head injury in car accident

A head injury is a very common injury after a car accident.

They are also one of the most severe injuries to suffer from after an auto accident, especially if you suffer a loss of consciousness.

You might hit your head on the steering wheel, windows, or dashboard, which can cause traumatic brain injuries.

Head trauma can range from mild concussions to long-lasting cognitive problems or permanent brain damage.

This type of injury can require extensive medical treatment and long-term medical care. 

Head injuries can lead to hearing loss, vision problems, loss of balance, and diminished brain function.

It only takes a quick second for the brain to slam into the skull, which can cause immediate damage, or the injury may not become apparent until some time later.

Back Injuries 

Man Injuries Back from a Car Wreck

A back or spinal cord injury could be devastating.

The spine tends to be flexible and provides stability.

Because of this, sudden and unexpected movement can cause the spine to move out of place, causing damage.

The rigidity of the spine can also cause resistance when sudden movement occurs, causing more problems.

A spine injury during an accident can cause significant nerve damage.

Spine injuries can cause car accident victims to experience a loss of sensation in their hands, arms, legs, feet, and other body parts.

More severe forms of spinal cord damage can even leave victims permanently paralyzed.

Another common back injury to occur in a car crash is a herniated disk.

These injuries are a bit less severe than spinal cord damage, but they can still cause significant pain.

Car accident victims who suffer from a herniated disk will often experience numbness or tingling sensations, arm and leg pain, and muscle weakness.

Back injuries can cause a lifetime of pain if they are not diagnosed and treated quickly.


Neck Injuries 

Woman gets Whiplash Injury from a car crash

One of the most well-known car accident neck injuries has to be whiplash.

The quick and sudden jerking movement of the head and neck after a sudden impact can cause severe soft tissue damage and a limited range of motion to the neck muscles and ligaments.

Like all soft tissue injuries, whiplash can differ for each person depending on the accident.

Generally speaking, whiplash is known to cause neck pain and swelling.

These neck injuries are especially common during a rear-end collision.

The driver is not often prepared to be hit from behind, which causes the body to be forcefully propelled forward while the head either stays behind or falls backward, causing a whiplash injury.

Chest Injuries 

Man Gets Chest Pain from a Car Accident

There can be many serious injuries related to trauma to the chest area that can occur after high-speed collisions.

Some immediate problems with chest injuries are internal bleeding, damage to the internal organs, and damage to the pelvis and abdomen.

These types of internal injuries often require immediate medical attention.

Chest injuries are often the result of seat belts, steering wheels, and airbags pressing hard on the chest when the accident occurs.

Even though chest injuries can occur because of a seatbelt, it's possible that you could lose your life without one.

It's always better to stay buckled up when driving.

Most chest injuries can be fixed if taken care of in time, but if you fly through your car's windshield, that can be a whole different story.

Cuts, Bruises, and Broken Bones

Woman Gets Laceration from a Car Accident

Most vehicles have loose objects floating around that can cause physical injuries.

When automobile accidents occur, these objects become projectiles that are thrown around.

If these objects hit you, your skin can easily be cut or bruised.

It's possible to suffer from a laceration or bruise in motor vehicle crashes because the car door gets jammed up against your leg or body.

Scrapes and bruising can also occur if the airbag is deployed during the accident.

These types of injuries can be minor, but some result in severe blood loss and many stitches.

Breaks and bone fractures are also common types of accident injuries.

They often result from a heavy collision, such as a car accident, and may not always be easily detectable during the accident.

Displaced Fracture: the bone breaks into multiple pieces and moves
Non-Displaced Fracture: the bone breaks but doesn't move

Closed Fracture: the bone breaks underneath unbroken skin
Compound Fracture: the bone breaks and exits through the skin
Stress Fracture - hairline crack
Partial Fracture - the break doesn't go all the way through the bone

What to do after a Car Accident Injury 

If you were involved in a Car Accident in Florida, it is essential to seek a Florida Chiropractor to diagnose and treat even minor injuries.

Car Accidents can cause serious injuries that, if left untreated, can have consequences down the road that may lead to a lifetime of pain and suffering.

Being seen by a chiropractor as soon as possible after a car accident will not only be beneficial for your health but also for any potential lawsuit that you wish to file.

Having documentation from a doctor stating that your injuries occurred as a result of an accident will help ensure you receive fair compensation for your medical bills.

You can also be referred to an accident injury lawyer to help with your personal injury claim.

It is critical to get prompt treatment, even if you believe you did not suffer an auto accident injury, as some injuries will take a few days to present

It's always crucial to be seen by a doctor as quickly as possible. Your chiropractor will be able to determine if you suffered any hidden injuries.

It's always better to be safe than sorry. 

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