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5 Easy Steps you can Take to Prevent a Car Accident

Posted by Florida Spine and Injury | Sep 24, 2019 9:52:00 AM

 Tips to Prevent a Car Accident 

Anytime we get behind the wheel of a vehicle, it's our responsibility to protect not only ourselves, but other motorists as well, by following traffic laws and doing what we can to prevent a car accident from happening. 

Safety should always be your number one priority. Whether you're cruising along the Florida highways or traveling from state to sate, practicing defensive driving will help to prevent dangerous, unwanted accidents. 


Many Car Accidents could have been avoided if certain precautions were taken and every driver practiced defensive driving strategies. Below is a list of 5 easy steps you can take to prevent a car accident.

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Step to Prevent a Car Accident

#1 Eliminate Distractions

It may sound straightforward, but making sure your distractions are limited and your focus is solely on driving throughout the entire journey is your best chance at avoiding an accident. 

There are so many distractions in each and every person's life, for example, using cell phones has become increasingly prominent while driving, despite the terrible consequences we know all too well. 

The very best thing you can do for yourself and other drivers is completely rid yourself of distractions before you begin your journey. 

Put your cell phone in a purse or glove compartment and, if you must, turn the volume off until you reach your destination.

If you need to listen to the radio, pick a station before pulling out of the driveway. If other people talking is a distraction to you, ask your passengers to remain politely quiet during the trip.

It's okay to be unplugged from the world while you're driving, and remember, setting the cell phone aside may just save someone's life.

how to avoid a car accident

#2 Eliminate Blind Spots 

It's important to make sure your mirrors are in the correct position for you before driving. When the mirrors are in the proper position it allows the driver to see areas surrounding the vehicle.

Although mirrors are great, and they really help the driver see, they should not be solely relied upon. 

It's also important for drivers to check blind spots by turning to look directly into the lanes beside them to avoid missing something that is undetected by the mirrors. 

It's also a good idea to completely avoid driving in another driver's blind spot.

You cannot trust that they will take the time to look over at you, and you could very easily become involved in a car crash if you tend to drive in another driver's blind spot. 

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#3 Avoid the Fast Lane 

It may seem quite convenient, however many highway accidents occur in the fast lane. Many people take the name "fast lane" a bit literal and they use it as an excuse to drive well over the speed limit and to cut in and out of traffic. 

It's much easier to maneuver away from a dangerous situation if you are driving in the middle or right lane, not to mention catching your exit is much easier if you don't have to cross a few lanes of traffic to get there.

Due to its tendency to attract drivers who are not following the speed limit, avoiding the fast lane may mean you avoid an accident. 

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#4  Keep your Vehicle in Good Condition 

Keeping your car well maintained is a great way to reduce the risk of having a car accident. Be familiar with your car and its needs.

Try and stick to a routine maintenance schedule and keep track of things such as when you last got new brakes, new tires, or changed the fluids. 

Your car is much more likely to perform better if it's kept in good condition, not to mention it will be safer to handle.

If your brakes fail on you one day because you did not replace them when you should have, you could end up causing a very serious car accident.

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#5  Limit  Night Time Driving 

Of course we know that completely avoiding night time driving is not possible for some people, however, if you can limit driving at night, it may be in your best interest. 

Regardless of how good your eyes may be, driving at night is still more difficult and comes with a higher risk of accidents.

With reduced visibility due to the dark, there are also way more drunk drivers at nighttime compared to the day. 

Drivers can be very unpredictable at night, especially if they are driving while intoxicated. If you are going to drive at night, being hyper alert is especially important.

If you must drive at night, try and be home before midnight rolls around. Once people start leaving the bars and nightclubs, driving becomes that much more dangerous. 

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reduce auto accidents in the US

What to do in Case of a Car Accident

While it's all well and good to be a defensive driver and to practice vigilance, let's face it, car accidents still happen. The difference is, the accident doesn't need to be caused by you. 

Avoiding a car accident altogether is what every driver hopes, practicing safe driving techniques will help you become a good driver.

However, you may find yourself the victim of a car accident because another driver was not taking the precautions that you were to prevent and accident from happening. 

In the event you are involved in a Car Accident, it's important to call the police to write a ticket and detailed report stating what happened during the accident.

After you're finished at the accident scene, seeing an experienced Chiropractor is crucial for your recovery and accident case. 

Many people make the mistake of waiting to seek medical attention after an accident.

They may not feel like they are in that much pain and hope that they will feel better by the morning.

When you're involved in an accident that's not your fault, do not make the mistake of putting off treatment.

Car Accident Chiropractor

Getting the medical attention you need as quickly as possible will help with the recovery of your injuries as well as the recovery of your losses. 

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