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Immediate Relief For Your Back Pain

Posted by Florida Spine and Injury | Jul 6, 2020 10:47:32 AM

If you've been lucky enough not to suffer from some back pain, the odds aren't in your favor.


Almost everyone is going to suffer from back pain at some point in their lives.


Luckily most cases of back pain will go away on their own.


Most medical experts also agree that most back pain is caused by lifestyle.  


Too much stress, poor posture, bad sleeping habits, and poor ergonomics in the workplace are the significant causes of back pain outside of a direct injury. 


Believe it or not, that's good news.


That means that most back pain isn't severe, and it can be treated conservatively.


You can do things by yourself to ease your pain and prevent future problems with back pain.


We'll go over a few of those things in the article below.



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Tightness in the muscles of the lower body is often the cause of low back pain. 


Your hamstrings, quads, and hip flexors can all shorten over time if you never stretch them, leading to intense lower back pain. 


This is an easy fix. Stretch everyday.


Stretching will relieve tension and spasm, easing the pain in your lower back.


Stay limber, and feel younger for longer with a daily routine of stretches. 


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Chiropractors can help with back pain


Use Supplements

Supplementation can go a long way to relive back pain.


For example, B vitamins will help your central nervous system, boost your immune system, and can help your body heal after an injury or illness.  


Vitamin B can be found in foods like bananas, potatoes, avocados, legumes, and nuts, and turkey.


Omega-3's possess anti-inflammatory properties that can help eliminate the inflammation that leads to your back pain. 


Seafood, eggs, and milk all contain omega-3s.


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It's just about impossible to do anything without the use of your back. 


That means you need to allow your back to rest and recover. 


The best sleeping position if you have back pain is to lay down on your back or side, making sure the curves of your spine aligned and in their natural position. 


If you prefer sleeping on your side, place a pillow between your knees. 


If you're experiencing neck pain as well, you can roll up a small hand towel and place it under your neck for additional comfort.


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Even though swelling is part of the body's normal healing process, too much inflammation can increase pain and lengthen your recovery time. 


That's why icing is important. 


Applying ice immediately after a back injury can reduce inflammation and speed up the healing process.  


You should use ice for the first 48 hours after injury and then switch to heat.  


You can use ice to combat pain at any time, not just after injury.  

That's why many professional athletes ice up their joints immediately after a game.


The relief ice gives you is temporary, but sometimes temporary relief is enough to get you through the day.  


Remember to use ice wisely, because the incorrect application of ice can damage the skin. 


You should dip a warm towel or pillowcase in slightly hot water, and wring out the excess.


Then quickly place an ice pack, ice cubes, or crushed ice inside. 


Then you can place the towel or pillowcase over the injured area of your back for about 12 to 15 minutes. 


Repeat several times a day as needed.


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Seeing a massage therapist will make your back feel better, but it's hard to drop everything and head out to get a massage.


Luckily you can make your own massage tool and give yourself a relaxing massage right in your own home.


All you need are two tennis balls and a long tube sock.


Stick the two tennis balls in the end of the sock and tie the ends tightly.  


Place the tennis balls between your back and another hard surface like a wall and rub them against the sore areas. 


Or you can lay down on the floor with the tennis balls beneath you and roll your knots out. 


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Visit a Back Pain Chiropractor at Florida Spine and Injury


Visit Florida Spine and Injury For Back Pain Relief

The above are great suggestions for easing back pain naturally.  


But, as they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  


So pay attention and re-evaluate your stress level if you're having back pain issues.  


Maybe your sleeping habits need to be adjusted, or your workstation set-up at work needs a few tweaks.


Another great way to keep back pain at bay is to get regular chiropractic treatment.


Chiropractic care not only helps heal back pain, but it can keep it from coming back altogether.


The chiropractors at Florida Spine and Injury have years of experience helping people overcome their back pain.


To schedule a free consultation to see what Florida Spine and Injury can do for you, click the button below.


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