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Facts about Whiplash

Posted by Florida Spine and Injury | Jan 20, 2020 2:00:00 PM

Facts About Whiplash 

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries people suffer from in a Personal Injury Accident. Also known as a neck sprain or strain, whiplash happens, when the head is suddenly whipped forwards and backwards. When this occurs the muscles, joints, and ligaments in the neck and upper back can become overstretched, causing a whiplash injury to occur. 

Despite whiplash being such a common injury, there are still many misconceptions and misunderstandings about this condition. 

The following should help clarify some facts about whiplash that will give you a better understanding of this common accident injury. 

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Whiplash Does Not Only Happen in Car Accidents 

Whiplash Injuries are most commonly associated with Car Accidents, and although this is true, Car Accidents are not the only way for whiplash to happen. 

Since whiplash occurs when the head and neck are jerked backwards and forwards, this can happen from a wide variety of other types of accidents, for example:

  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Sports-Related Accidents
  • Work Accident 

It's even possible for a whiplash injury to occur from being knocked over. Anytime you're not prepared for an accident, and the neck is jerked around, whiplash is likely to occur. 


Whiplash Does Not Require a lot of Force 

Many people believe they need to be involved in a serious accident for whiplash to occur; however this is not the case. Even in a very low-velocity car accident (5-10mph) whiplash can still occur. 

It's not the velocity of the accident that causes whiplash, it's the unexpected jerking of the head, which can happen at any speed. The severity of the injury will just depend upon the severity of the whip-like motion that occurred at the time of the accident. 

Remember, if slipping and falling can cause whiplash, then a low-velocity car accident can definitely do the same. 


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Whiplash Symptoms Do Not Always Occur Right Away 

It's actually very common to be involved in an accident and not realize that you have suffered from a Whiplash Injury. 

The truth is, it can actually take hours or even a few days before the symptoms of a whiplash injury have fully developed. Once whiplash symptoms do present themselves, it's very common for a victim to feel: 

  • Soreness 
  • Stiffness
  • Blurred Vision
  • Back/Neck  Pain
  • Nausea
  • Headaches

Because symptoms are not always present right after an accident, many people make the mistake of putting off treatment for days or even weeks. Some people wait until their pain is severe before they seek treatment. 

Doctors, especially Chiropractors, can often diagnose whiplash before any symptoms even begin. That means you can start treatment before you're in severe pain, which may help to prevent severe pain from ever occurring. 

Age Can Increase the Risk of Whiplash Injuries 

Older people are often more susceptible to suffering from serious whiplash injuries. Often the elderly already have a pre-existing issue, such as arthritis, which makes them more likely to suffer from a chronic whiplash injury. 

As we age, our movement becomes more and more limited as our muscles gradually lose their strength and flexibility, leading our ligaments to become less stretchy and durable. 

When a sudden impact occurs, jerking the neck back and forth, the damage can be a lot more severe to an older person compared to a younger person. 

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Whiplash Can Take Awhile to Heal

Unfortunately, whiplash injuries can take a while to heal completely. While some people find that their symptoms start to ease in just a few days time, others will experience symptoms for months before they are completely healed.

Whiplash injuries can become a costly injury for insurance companies, which is why it's often an injury that they try to minimize. The insurance companies are not going to be on your side when you suffer an accident injury. They are in the business to make money, so when you need them to cover your medical expenses, they do what they can to try to minimize their costs. 

When you wait to seek treatment for your whiplash injury, insurance companies will use this as a reason to offer you less compensation than what you deserve. They often say that you were not actually injured that badly since medical treatment was not sought immediately after the accident. 

For this reason alone, it's essential to have your injuries documented by a professional, or you run the risk of not getting your medical bills paid for after an accident. 

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Contact an Experienced Whiplash Injury Chiropractor 

If you were involved in an accident that caused you to suffer from a Whiplash Injury, it's crucial for your wells and any potential accident claim to be seen by an experienced Florida Chiropractor for whiplash

Chiropractors are specially trained to treat whiplash injury victims. An experienced Chiropractor will be able to diagnose and treat a whiplash injury before you begin to experience any severe symptoms. 

At Florida Spine and Injury, we have a team of highly trained accident doctors who are committed to helping each patient return to their normal health and lifestyle. 

Chiropractic Care for Whiplash

When you come to our clinic, you will be given an in-depth examination by one of our chiropractic doctors. Once they make a diagnosis, they will provide you with an individualized treatment plan that is tailored to your specific recovery needs. 

Our doctors believe in helping patients without the need for addictive pain medications and surgery. We also understand each patient is unique, and therefore each treatment plan is personalized to fit their specific needs. 

If you were involved in an accident that caused you to suffer from a Whiplash Injury, do not hesitate to contact our experienced Chiropractors for a free consultation today.

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