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What to Expect: From Start to Finish

It is always crucial at a new doctor’s office to share past medical conditions before they evaluate and treat the current problem. Once they have taken your medical history, you will have to explain the current problem where the pain is and how you got the pain. If you were in a Personal Injury Accident, you will need to share the detail of the accident to best address the injury.  

There will be a thorough exam to diagnose the cause of your pain.

The exam will include observation to understand your body’s mechanics better. They will look at how you walk, your posture, and your spinal alignment.

Diagnostic images are usually used to confirm the diagnosis. X-rays and MRI’s are the most common images taken to look at your bone or soft tissue injuries.

When you go to any doctor, you usually need to prepare a few items. Going to the chiropractor is the same. You need to come prepared for the style of treatment you are going to receive. At a chiropractor office, there are physical actives so here is what you need to be prepared:

  • Comfortable clothing such as workout clothing
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Be hydrated
  • Try to relax
  • Bring any questions you may have our chiropractor doctors want you to understand your entire care plan

The main treatment plan will include spinal adjustment; the chiropractor has you get in a certain position and apply pressure to a specific area realigning your body. It is a controlled technique pushing the joint beyond its normal range of motion. Typically, you will lay face down on a chiropractor table. You will hear a pop or cracking noise while the chiropractic doctors move your joints. The noise is a release of gas build up in the joints, so there is no need to worry it is completely normal.

Immediately after an adjustment, most people feel great, but some experience minor discomfort. Soreness or even a slight headache are typical symptoms for those who have been in a painful state for so long or have never had a realignment. Most people say it is a boost of energy for them and some even feel more relaxed. Restoring the correct flow of energy throughout your body has significant effects on overall neuromuscular performance. 

You may need post adjustment exercises such as stretching. Depending on your injury you may even do a few physical therapy or rehabilitation exercises right there in the office.

When your treatment plan at the office is completed, you can continue the exercises and stretches at home. It will strengthen the injured area and help prevent you from reinjuring that area.


Florida Spine and Injury Center has the experience treating patients with minor to major injuries for years. We aim to get our patients feeling healthy and knowledgeable about their overall health. If you have any further question contact our office. Our doctors care about your concerns and are happy to assist. We look forward to caring for you and your family!

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What to Expect

At Florida Spine and Injury Center you should expect the best service from a friendly caring staff. 

Our goal is to help our patients regain their health after being in a Personal Injury Accident.

We provide natural safe drug-free care that helps align your body, mind, and spirit!

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