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Gilbert Mbeo, MD


Gilbert Mbeo, MD is a triple board-certified physician who specializes in Neurology, NeuroIntensive Care, and Interventional Pain Management, with over 13 years of experience providing evidence-based, high-quality care to patients with acute neurological needs including acute stroke, neuromuscular respiratory failure, status epilepticus, and brain and spinal cord trauma. 

He completed his neurology residency at Drexel University, followed by a fellowship at Emory University. Dr. Mbeo then pursued a second fellowship at the University of Mississippi in interventional pain management where he also served as an Assistant Professor of Neurology/Neurocritical care. 

Dr. Mbeo is a Neurointensivist, meaning that not only does he have an in-depth understanding of neurology and neurological conditions, but his expertise is in the care of critically ill neurologic patients with acute brain, spine, and neuromuscular disorders. This specialty is also referred to as neurologic intensive care, critical care neurology, and neurocritical care.

As a Neurointensivist, Dr. Mbeo saw firsthand the life-changing consequences of brain injuries such as head trauma, strokes, and other brain injuries. He was troubled by the fact that, even though with modern medicine we are getting better at saving lives, many patients with brain injury were left with severe disabilities.

Through his training in interventional pain management Dr. Mbeo utilizes procedures like stellate ganglion blocks, sphenopalantine ganglion blocks, and cryoneurolysis to help patients with symptoms like headaches, facial pain, PTSD, and anxiety often associated with traumatic brain injury.