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Best Car Accident Injury Doctors in Gainesville, Florida

The Florida Spine and Injury Clinic in Gainesville, Florida have a team of Personal Injury Chiropractors that can help you recover from any type of injury that you may have suffered.

Our Gainesville Chiropractors have many years of experience helping the victims of accidents with both their physical and financial recovery.

If you were involved in a Traffic, Slip and Fall, Work or any other type of accident in Gainesville, Florida, do not wait to come in for a Free Consultation with our Chiropractors.

In Florida, victims of accidents have up to 14 days to seek out medical attention after an accident, however it is highly recommended that you get a medical evaluation within the first 72 hours.

Having an examination performed by a medical professional is the best way to ensure any potential injuries are properly diagnosed and treated in a timely manner.

If you wait to seek out treatment, it can lead to worsening of symptoms or permanent damage, as well as lead to those injuries being excluded from any potential lawsuit.

Do not wait. Call our Chiropractors today for a Free Consultation and make sure that you give yourself the best opportunity at a full recovery.

How we Treat Our Accident Injury Patients in Florida

When patients come to our Accident Injury Clinic in Gainesville, they can rest assured that they will be receiving proper medical care from Accident Injury Doctors.

Our team of Accident Injury professionals at Florida Spine and Injury in Gainesville have been helping Accident Injury Victims in Florida for over 20 years, and can offer all patients services that include:

...and more!

When you visit Florida Spine and Injury's Chiropractic Clinic in Gainesville, our medical team will give you a full evaluation to determine the cause and extent of your injuries, thus giving them the information needed to develop the best treatment plan for you.

In many cases, diagnostic testing is required to determine the extent of a patient's injuries and provide an accurate diagnosis. Thankfully, all of our clinics have an X-Ray machine on site, so we can perform this testing during your initial consultation.

If our doctors determine that further testing is required, such as an MRI or CAT Scan, we can send you to a facility nearby to have those tests run.

At our Clinics, it is our philosophy to do whatever it takes to ensure each patient gets a proper diagnosis and treatment for their injuries, as well as access to legal help if it is desired.

We are the Personal Injury Experts!

Besides the top quality medical care that you will receive at our Gainesville, Florida Chiropractic Clinic, we also provide patients access to experienced local Personal Injury Attorneys.

If you are seeking treatment after being involved in an accident, it is highly recommended that you also get a Free Consultation with a Personal Injury Attorney to determine if you are entitled to a Financial Settlement.

Many times, when an individual is involved in an accident that was someone else's fault, the at-fault persons insurance company will try and give the accident victim a low-ball settlement, which will barely cover any of their incurred expenses or pain and suffering damages.

Having a team of Accident Injury Chiropractors and Personal Injury Attorneys working together for you gives you the best chance of getting a Financial settlement that is fair to you and a successful physical recovery.

Your Gainesville Chiropractor knows what is involved in personal injury cases, and can provide your attorney with proper documentation of all of your injuries and treatments so that they can be included in your demand letter, which can help to increase your financial settlement amount.

If you have been in an accident in Gainesville, Florida and would like to speak with one of our Personal Injury Chiropractors, simply fill out the form on the righthand side of this page or call us today at (352) 433-0898.

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Chiropractor | Dr. Kimmel R. Chisolm

Dr.  Kimmel R. Chisolm

Dr. Kimmel R. Chisolm is a native of Melbourne, Florida. He graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2011, earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences.

He continued his studies at Palmer College of Chiropractic, graduating with his Doctorate in December 2015.

In 2016 Dr. Chisolm was recognized by the Florida Chiropractic Association as one of the profession's distinguished Emerging Leaders.

He is also certified in Functional Movement Technique. Dr. Chisolm has a passion for the holistic approach to patient care and believes in the power of the body to heal itself.

Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and family, playing music, and traveling.

Accident Injury Chiropractor Marisol SantamarinaMarisol Santamarina 

Marisol Santamarina is an ANCC board certified Nurse Practitioner. She lived most of her life in South Florida and moved to North Central Florida 15 years ago to pursue her nursing degree.

She graduated, with honors, from Santa Fe college in Gainesville, FL with an ASN degree. She worked as an RN in the Intensive care unit at UF health.

She then went on to pursue her BSN degree at Florida State University, while continuing to work full time.

She also spent 8 years working as an RN for the Veterans Affairs hospital in Lake City from 2008-2010 and then transferred to the Gainesville VA and worked in the Medical Intensive Care Unit from 2010-2016.

After taking a four year scholastic hiatus to start a family, she went back to school in 2013 to advance her degree.

She attended Duke University's MSN program and graduated Summa cum laude.

In her spare time, Marisol loves to play softball and travel. She is married to her husband Chris and has two beautiful boys Noah Joseph (6) and Andres Jesus (8).

Chiropractor | Dr. Gabriel-Chisolm

Dr. Adriana Gabriel-Chisolm

Dr. Adriana Gabriel-Chisolm, born and raised in New Jersey, earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science from James Madison University.  

Shortly after graduation, she relocated to Florida where she earned a Doctorate in Chiropractic, from Palmer College of Chiropractic, achieving a Summa Cum Laude distinction in December 2017.  

While a student, she completed a three-month preceptorship at Ocala Spine and Injury and now works as the Chiropractor at Gainesville Spine and Injury.

Devoted to the recovery and optimal health of her patients, Dr. Gabriel-Chisolm practices various chiropractic techniques. She has a certification in Functional Movement Technique and Webster’s Technique.

Dr. Gabriel-Chisolm also enjoys spending quality time with her husband, exercising, and traveling every chance she gets.

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I was very impressed with the thoroughness and professional attitude of all staff. I recommend them highly.

Larry Dicenzo, 1 month ago

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Just an amazing office. Everyone that works there truly cares for each individual and it shows through each and every aspect of care.

DJ Dunbar, 1 week ago

Five Star Reviewed Accident Injury Doctors in Gainesville, Florida

The staff at this office are truly caring and provide excellent service to their patients.

Curtis Garrison, 3 months ago

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