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Florida is known as the 22nd most extensive in terms of land area. It has 67 counties with Tallahassee as the state capital. Floridas well known for the most famous metropolitan area, Miami. Hamilton County is made up of many history counties including White springs the home of the Florida Folk Festival. 

The community is near Suwannee River. One most days is is a normal small town with good a close niche community, but for four days out of the year it is the host to one of the oldest continuous folk festivals in the United States since 1953. Best Chiropractor in White Springs, FL

The town is a great historical locations with inns, restaurants, hospitals and chiropractic care close to take care of all of your needs. 

Whether you experienced a misfortune during the four day festival fun or sudden work-related accident, Florida Spine and Injury can care for your injuries and alleviate your pain symptoms.

Our medical team is excellent at treating patients that are experiencing pain. Our chiropractors will use natural treatment methods to get your healthy again while improving you overall quality of life. The use of hands on treatment and safe isolating stretches will big you back to better health without medication of surgery. 

What do chiropractors do to help pain?

Chiropractic treatment is by far the best treatment for pain symptoms because they use techniques that will ensure you body heals properly.

Most of the time pain is due to a misalignment in the spine so the chiropractor will adjust your spine to realign your vertebrae which causes a instant relief from the built up pressure.

Our White Springs Chiropractors will work gently on your injuries and get you body feeling great again. They can also provide patients will nutritional advice and safe strength building exercises that will help prevent the same injury. 

A treatment plan will be made to fit each individual patient so it is important that you describe you aches and pains with great detail. Letting our team what movements make you feel better or worse will help them determine the best treatment plan for you. They will first want to determine if you are experiencing acute or chronic pain symptoms. 

Acute pain passes in a short period of time. As for chronic pain is long-term and can negatively impact your daily movement. When describing your pain to the chiropractor they will help determine not only if you have chronic or acute pain but they will also figure out where the root problem is causing the pain. This will ultimately help them execute the most effective treatment. 

How do Chiropractors Diagnose Injuries?

When chiropractor diagnose their patients it is much like a research paper. They have to look into different areas and put it together before they are certain it accurate. First they will want to gather your family health history.

They will want to do a physical exam to feel for misalignment, see how you move when you bend and walk. Most a back and neck pain come from poor posture so they always check you posture.  They may even do a piriformis and psoas muscle test.

A piriformis test check your buttock region and a psoas muscle test checks your strength in you join. White Springs Neck Pain Treatment

From there x-rays are very common because after all they do not want to guess about you health. X-rays are to confirm what most chiropractors can determine from the exam thus far. There may be other test recommended such as urinalysis, blood tests, MRI and CT scan if there is a need.

Typical Injuries Chiropractors Treat

Injuries, aches, and pains that mean its time to see a chiropractor are: 

  1. Neck pain: Main symptom of whiplash but other common causes are pinched nerves, viral infection, or swelling. Neck pain is classified by the discomfort from the bottom of the head up to the top of the shoulders. 
  2. Back pain: Back pain is the most common reason people miss work. It consists of the upper, middle and lower back. Poor poster, lifting wrong, slips and falls are all common contributors to back pain. Because their are nerves located the the lower back that run down to your feet you can feel pain in you back when you where actually hurt in your legs, which is why chiropractic care is recommended to determine the best treatment. 
  3. Carpal tunnel syndrome: Typical causes a tingling sensation in the index, middle, and thumb. It is a condition that compresses the median nerve. 
  4. Piriformis syndrome: Well known as buttock spasms. It can potentially lead to sciatic nerve irritation and numbness.
  5. Leg length discrepancies: Unequal limbs is usually noticed when you are child, but can be the result of a accident. Not being balanced causes your pelves to be unleveled and results in strains that cause discomfort.
  6. Sciatica: Sciatica is a nerve that can get pinched in you lower back cause pain from you back to your toes. Many women experience this during pregnancy. 
  7. Scoliosis: A curved spin which can range from a slight curve to a complete twist. This conditions commonly causes a disruptions to daily tasks. Free Chiropractic Consultation | White Springs

Treatment Options

Chiropractic treatment is not a one time fix. Although a lot people feel an improvement with after their first visit. Some feel a little sore but with time and following your chiropractors treatment plan you will get the much need results  that alleviate your pain and boost your health.

Here are different treatment options:

  1. Manual manipulation: Also know as spinal alignment. This is where the chiropractor applies pressure to different areas of your body to realign your spine.
  2. Instrument adjustment: The instrument gives light gentle impulses to the spine to restore motions to the spinal vertebra and joints.  
  3. Traction: A traction is a form of instrument adjustment that uses weight to ease the spinal and muscular pain.
  4. Stabilization drills: Spinal stability should also be considered with the help of some drills or exercises.
  5. Postural re-education: Having poor posture can negatively impact your overall health so with some training you get retrain yourself to hold your body up with better poster. Over time aches and pains will go away. 
  6. Spinal decompression: The goal is to reposition the bulging or herniated disc material. it is part of the traction therapy. 

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The sooner you make an appointment the better odds you will not have long-term damage to your body. Don't let pain get in you way of a full fun life, get the treatment you deserve to live a healthy happy life!

White Springs Chiropractic care will change your life for the better!

Not matter what accident you have encountered our team of expert chiropractors can get you the best treatment around.

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