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Our Chiropractic doctors offer natural and effective treatment methods for individuals who have been involved in accidents in Lake Weir, Florida. 

Lake Weir is one of the best attractions of Marion City, Florida. This is one of the best destinations for newlyweds, for friends, and for the family.

If you are a nature lover, you should never forget visiting Lake Weir when you are in Florida. But aside from nature’s wonders, one of the best things that Lake Weir has to offer is a great chiropractic injury clinic.

This method of treatment started in 1895 and is now becoming more popular as a natural and safe treatment techniques for musculoskeletal injuries.

The non-invasive treatment methods are what is making it the best choice if you want to recover without harmful pain medications and dangerous surgeries.

Whiplash Injury After an Auto Accident Injury

Treatment For Whiplash and Back Pain

Not everyone experiences whiplash that has been in an auto accident, but most individuals do. 

There may be plenty of treatment options for you but chiropractic care is one of the most recommended, even by medical doctors.

With chiropractic care, treatment is not all about masking the pain, but rather finding the cause of the pain and treating it at the source.  

Chiropractors will try to correct your body alignment, specifically the spine, even though you may not have any spinal pain.

Chiropractors believe that once the alignment is correct, pain will diminish because the spine affects the way everything else functions in the body.

Aside from this, chiropractic treatments are also done to improve the ability of the body to heal itself.

How a Chiropractor Diagnoses Injuries

The chiropractor will start by evaluating your spinal alignment, the way you walk, and your posture. 

The doctor will identify areas where range of motion is restricted, and any potential injury to the intervertebral disc will also be assessed.

Motion and static palpation technique will be used which is a diagnostic technique which involves touch.

Checking for any tenderness, tightness, and the movement of your spinal joints will be the main focus.

The chiropractor will also analyze your posture, your spinal alignment, as well as the way you walk.

All of this information will be essential for the chiropractor to understand and determine the best treatment plan for you.

Neck and Lower Back Pain in Lake Weir

Conditions Treated with Chiropractic Methods 

Whiplash is one of the most common problems of individuals who are visiting Lake Weir chiropractors.

This is commonly a neck pain that is caused by a rear-end collision that causes a rapid forward and then backward movement.

This causes trauma and injury to the neck muscles. Whiplash is commonly a result of a car accident.

This may not be noticed right away, but within a few days, you will most likely notice that you have restricted movements or pain in your neck.

Other conditions commonly treated by chiropractic care include: 

  • Headaches
  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pin
  • Insomnia
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Sciatic Nerve Pain
  • Dizziness

Common Chiropractic Treatments

Soft tissue and skeletal injuries all require different treatments that will come at different stages.

By using different therapy methods, the chiropractor may use gentle stretching as well as other manual therapy techniques to reduce the pain symptoms to start.

Once these are done, a proper treatment schedule will be created so the chiropractor can start working on your injury.

Below are some common adjustment techniques: 

  • Flexion- Distraction Technique. This is one of the most common hands-on techniques where gentle and non-thrusting spinal manipulations are used. These are effective in treating herniated discs. The chiropractor will be using slow, pumping movements on the disc instead of directly applying force on the spine. 
  • Instrument Manipulation. This is a common treatment used for whiplash. The chiropractor uses a handheld instrument where force is being applied but without thrusting. This is the best manipulation for elderly patients who are suffering from degenerative joint syndrome.
  • The Specific Spinal Manipulation. Once the chiropractor identifies the restricted joints, this manipulation will help restore the range of motion of the joint by using gentle, thrusting actions. It will stretch the soft tissue and help stimulate the nervous system and eventually restore the range of motion of the spine.

Back Pain After an Accident in Lake Weir, Fl

What to Expect On Your First Visit to the Chiropractic Clinic

When you visit the Florida Spine and Injury Chiropractic Clinic for the first time, you will go through three stages of assessments.

The information from these assessments will be very important for your doctor to analyze your situation and provide you with the best chiropractic treatment plan.

First, your medical history will be assessed. The information that your doctor can get from you on this first stage will be essential in determining your condition and your treatment.

Then the Chiropractic Exam will follow. General tests will be conducted which includes your blood pressure, your pulse rate, as well as your respiration rate, and your reflexes.

Once your doctor has your health history as well as the results of the chiropractic exam, the diagnostic studies will follow. This will help determine whether there are any structural damages that occurred after the car accident. 

Lower Back Pain Treatment Near Me

Florida Spine and Injury Treatment Clinic

When it comes to chiropractic treatment, the best in Lake Weir Marion City, Florida is Florida Spine and Injury.

This is the best clinic in town that most of the resident's trust especially when it comes to whiplash injuries.

The chiropractor will not only treat what is painful using a holistic approach, but also provide preventive care as well.

Injuries can result in damages where you will not be able to do your daily activities. This can cost you your job and the inability to provide for your family.

Every condition is unique, so the chiropractors make sure that each patient's treatment plan is tailored to them.

In addition to these treatments, therapeutic exercises will also be recommended. It is important that your homework is done on what your doctor suggests.

Remember that your healing will start from your willingness to be better.

Do not be a victim of pain. Make sure that you visit the best chiropractor in Lake Weir and rid yourself of any nagging pain that limits your capabilities.

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