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We work closely with Florida residents to ensure their medical needs and treatments are met after being involved in an auto accident.

Paying For Auto Accident Medical Bills

Auto accidents happen fast, you cannot prepare for them, and the lasting effects can be detrimental.

They can be figurative roadblocks to your health and overall happiness.

However, for your own benefit, it is important that you know If you are a Florida resident and have been involved in a car accident, your personal injury medical bills from the accident are in fact covered by your automobile insurance.

Even if you do not have health insurance, your automobile insurance covers treatment from any potential injuries suffered as a direct result of your accident.

There is a chance that your insurance company may not make this clear. Therefore, it is imperative to know where you stand when it comes to paying for your personal injury after an accident.

Florida as a No-Fault State

In the state of Florida, there is a "no-fault" insurance system.

This means that regardless of who was found to be at fault for the accident, your automobile insurance covers treatment.

This particular system is completely specific to car accidents only. Therefore, whether or not you were "at-fault" during your car accident, your own personal injury protection coverage will cover certain out-of-pocket expenses, such as lost wages and medical fees.

Unfortunately, there are many drivers who were found to be “at-fault” in an accident and are unaware of the coverage benefits of their auto insurance and never seek care for their injuries.

However, this does mean that even if the car accident was without a doubt the other drivers fault and negligence, it is still your insurance company that will have to cover your expenses and you cannot hold the other driver liable.

If you were merely a passenger in an auto accident, in Florida the driver’s auto insurance policy will cover you.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

First and foremost, for your own overall health and safety, it is important to receive medical attention immediately following a car accident.

Injuries are not always visibly prevalent, and underlying conditions could be more severe.

Other than personal safety and health, financially it is also essential to seek medical care right away.

In Florida, the PIP (Personal Injury Protection) law provides you with $10,000 of coverage for medical expenses and fees if you have been injured in a car accident (even if you are at fault).

However, the catch is you must see a doctor within 14 days of the accident. If you fail to meet this specific requirement you will lose your benefits and basically have wasted $10,000.

Do not let this happen.

Especially out of fear thinking you will have to be the sole entity paying for your expenses.

Our accident and personal injury doctors will provide you with the best treatment for your injuries and we will help you file all the necessary paperwork to protect the benefits you are completely entitled to.

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At The Florida Spine and Injury Clinics, we will assist you with qualified Doctors and work out the necessary paperwork for you to achieve the benefits you are entitled to.

While you deal with your car accident/personal injury, we are working with and for you every step of the way.


  • Your Personal Injury Protection will pay your expenses. You must seek medical attention within 14 days.
  • Florida is a "no-fault" state, meaning regardless which driver is technically "at-fault," your own insurance company will cover your expenses.

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