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Dr Nomen Azeem | TBI specialist in Florida


Nomen Azeem, MD

interventional pain specialist

Nomen Azeem, MD, FAAPMR is an interventional pain specialist and sports medicine specialist.

Dr. Azeem completed his undergraduate education at James Madison University in
Harrisonburg, Virginia, and graduated from medical school, earning his Doctor of Medicine from Ross University School of Medicine. After that, he completed an internship at Medstar Harbor Hospital Center in Baltimore and a residency at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Washington, DC, where he was the chief resident.

During this time, he was able to treat patients with various musculoskeletal injuries, complex traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries.

After filling a faculty position at Medstar Georgetown University as a musculoskeletal medicine specialist, he went on to complete an ACGME interventional pain fellowship at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, under the guidance of internationally renowned pain physician Dr. Frank J.E. Falco.

Dr. Azeem served as a board member for the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation and held the position of director of neuromodulation in a multidisciplinary pain practice in New Orleans before moving to Florida where he developed the first successful non-opioid based interventional pain clinic in the Sarasota, Florida area.

His background helped shape Dr. Azeem’s approach to treating pain, and he includes both patients and their families in developing treatment plans so that everyone involved understands the origin of the patient’s pain as well as their available treatment options.

Dr. Azeem actively continues to conduct research and author peer-reviewed publications in addition to treating patients.

He continues to stay involved with multiple pain societies to help advance the field of interventional pain medicine. He is the current president of the Florida Society for Pain and Neuroscience, board member of the American Society for Pain and Neuroscience, and board member of the Florida Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Foundation.

Outside of the office, Dr. Asad enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters. He also loves skiing, traveling, and the occasional outdoor adventure, ranging from climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to swimming with sharks in the Atlantic Ocean.